24 September 2019

Greta Thunberg - image from Twitter

Image @gretathunberg

Children have the most remarkable quality for seeing something and finding an instant solution. Of course, the solution might not be particularly plausible but that’s because they are not bound by the same limits that we adults are.

Whilst the fruits of this imagination provide us with endless amusement as parents that ability to think beyond the realms of what already exists, of what we’re told we can or can’t do, is extremely powerful.

Look at the news recently for a prime example. Across the world, children are taking action, leaving schools as part of a global climate strike day, all inspired by a teenager.

Greta Thunberg

A year ago, Greta Thunberg took the day off school to sit outside the Swedish parliament with a sign protesting climate change. One person built momentum over the course of the year, rallying young people, showing that they can make a difference. The reach of this was clear to see on Friday as the massive numbers of people took to the streets. It is estimated that there were 100,000 people marching in London, 20,000 in Edinburgh and 10,000 in Brighton. A further 100,000 in Melbourne, 80,000 in Sydney and 30,000 in Brisbane. In New York there were 250,000. Across the world, it is estimated that more than 4 million people took part.

These are huge numbers, all sparked by one moment, one action, one person, one child.

No Planet B

If you talk to the majority of the adult population about climate change you may get a neutral shrug or even negative response. On the contrary Greta and the children to whom she has given a voice simply see solutions to the problem. Our house is on fire, they say. And they are determined to make sure government and industry quell the flames.

It is absolutely remarkable.

We can all learn from the children, and adults, who took to the streets this week and over the past year. One voice can make a difference, and can move millions to do the same. I hope the government and industry take note of the events today and commit to real action for climate change. Ultimately, there is no planet B.



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