14 October 2019

a piece of cake - buildinga  business with hte perfect recipeMost of the time, when you’re baking a cake, the main ingredients are the same: flour, eggs, butter and sugar. You may add in some different flavours or additions here and there, but the foundation stays the same.

Why is that? Because it works! You know that with that recipe you can get a delicious bake with little hassle. We rarely deviate from formulas like this one in the kitchen, so why do you deviate from the recipes that work in life?


I’m an advocate of scheduling, because I know that by creating timeslots for every important job that I have to do, I don’t need to worry about them. Scheduling takes care of the foundations, of the ‘flour, sugar, eggs and butter’ of my day to day. For example, in my personal life, I exercise four times a week – that’s part of my foundation. I eat well, that’s another one of my foundations.

In business, these are the things that you know are essential to the everyday running of your business – paying your tax bill, paying your team, essential meetings… the list goes on. Once you have these cemented into a schedule, you free up your brain to be more creative.

The routine allows you to spend quality time being creative, whilst making sure that the essential tasks (often the ones that you would rather avoid) are still completed. It is all too easy to spend your time doing the things that you enjoy, and put off the less enjoyable but often more important jobs. That’s where scheduling comes in. Plot out everything that you need to achieve in one month, and leave time to do the more enjoyable, creative tasks in between. It’s the perfect recipe!


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