17 October 2019

National CyberSecurity Awareness MonthHow do you protect yourself and your business from something that is constantly changing and evolving? That’s the question facing every business with an online presence. Securing your business online is an ever-changing beast.

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month and for me that’s the key. Awareness. Tackling the constantly changing online threats is only achievable through greater collaboration – through everyone sharing what they know to help others protect themselves.

The theory that you only look after your own just doesn’t wash anymore. Ultimately, we’re all using similar systems and sharing networks, so it makes perfect sense – and it’s critical we work together to protect ourselves collectively.

Earlier this year, research by Hiscox found that the number of British business reporting a cyber-attack jumped to 55%. This increase in attacks not only impacts business but also has a real-world effect on ordinary people.

Take, for example, the WannaCry attack that impacted large parts of the NHS. Of course, that was a huge wakeup call for everyone. If huge organisations can be impacted in this way, anyone could. And that’s what is important. You may be thinking that you’re a small business so no one would be interested in attacking you. That’s where you’re wrong. You’re just as wrong if you’re thinking as a big business you’re untouchable. Everyone and anyone could be a target and we all need to be vigilant to cyber-threats.

Collaboration and security

All is not lost though. It’s a huge boost for organisations to see the launch of initiatives like Manchester’s Cyber Resilience Centre. The centre’s goal is to support the capability and development of the cyber-sector in Greater Manchester through information sharing and signposting to valuable resources. This absolutely can only be a positive development.

The team at Secarma – our cybersecurity business – are constantly monitoring the online world for new and evolving threats to see how they can help increase security. It is this continuous investment in both technology and in education and knowledge around security that’s vital to staying one step ahead of the hackers.

Whilst we all need that level of awareness around threats, there are things we can do personally to increase our safety online. The absolute basics include having long, strong passwords, being aware of spoofed emails (and not clicking links if you’re unsure) and running security patch updates when and where you can.

If you’re concerned and want to chat through your business security, contact our Secarma team. Share your cybersecurity tips in the comments below.


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