About UKFast

Team Snowdon

UKFast is a Manchester-based internet hosting provider, founded in 1999 by Lawrence Jones and his partner Gail. The company came into existence with a bang after Lawrence experienced terrible customer service from an existing provider. Struck by their lack of support, Lawrence endeavoured to introduce a much-needed personal touch to the market, with a company that would offer a customer experience superior to any other.

Fifteen years on, UKFast is the UK’s largest privately owned provider of managed hosting, cloud hosting and colocation services, with four purpose-built and fully managed, carbon neutral data centres, wholly owned by the firm. The company has developed a reputation for excellent customer service, achieved in part because of Lawrence’s commitment to employee engagement and wellbeing.

UKFast has scooped numerous awards over the years, and not just for its level of client support. In 2013, the firm was presented with the DataCenter Dynamics ‘Innovation in Outsourcing’ Award and has retained a coveted position on Great Place to Work Institute’s Best Workplaces list for five consecutive years. The company continues to grow at an exponential rate, and turns over more than £23m annually; money that Lawrence continues to reinvest in product development and customer support.

Lawrence’s unrivalled passion and commitment for excellence has driven him to invest several million pounds in creating the ideal workspace for his employees and offering sophisticated training programs for all of the UKFast team. With all the necessary components in place, UKFast is fast becoming the go-to destination for hosting solutions.

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